Once a month we gather at a local business in Lawrenceville for food and conversation. Each month focuses on a different topic, with speakers, artists, or musicians offering the community gathered content to discuss and wrestle with together. By listening, learning, and talking about various topics, we seek to form relationships, reach greater understanding, and created a space to wrestle with questions of meaning, spirituality, and faith.

helpful things to know... 

  1. Our gathering time varies, but is typically in the evenings around 6:30pm. Check our calendar for time and location. 
  2. There is no cost for Social Gatherings, but we encourage all attending to purchase food and drinks from the business in which we are gathering. We also will have a basket for offerings/donations. Each month we give our proceeds to a charitable organization.
  3. Children are always welcome! We try to have an explicitly child-friendly location and time every few months.

Check out our Calendar for more information about our upcoming Social Gatherings.