Pub Talks

Pub Talks take place the Second Sunday of each month, September-May, 7-9pm at Full Pint Wild Side Pub in Lawrenceville.

Sanctuary's Pub Talk series welcomes a variety of speakers, artists, and musicians exploring the intersections of faith, culture, art, politics, and justice. We seek to draw on the best of public house history-- a place to share a drink, build community, and discuss pressing issues of the day.

Stay Tuned for Fall 2019 Dates & Speakers

Helpful things to know... 

  1. Pub Talks are from 7-9pm, the second Sunday of the month September-May.

  2. There is no cost for Pub Talks. Appetizers are provided and other food & drinks may be purchased. Donations are accepted to help sustain Sanctuary's mission.

  3. We're so grateful for Full Pint's hospitality in hosting these events-- please tip well.

Catch up on our Pub Talks on You Tube