(In center)

(In center)

Laura Bentley


Sanctuary Missional Fellowship developed out of a dream Laura had in seminary-- to create a church for skeptical and exhausted people, rooted in conversation, food, and contemplative prayer. Laura graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Formerly, she's worked as a youth pastor, camp counselor, and barista. She lives in Sharpsburg with her husband, Ed (pictured on the left), her toddler daughter, Junia, and their dachshund, Calvin. Laura's not big on hobbies, but loves craft beer, good coffee, and historical fiction.


(On left)

Jane Larson


Jane heard about Laura's vision for Sanctuary and jumped at the opportunity to serve this community alongside Laura. Jane graduated from Westminster College and Pittsburgh Theology Seminary. She resides in Stanton Heights with her friend Maggie (on right). She loves to travel and is grateful for the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua, Italy, Nepal, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, and Vietnam during breaks in college and seminary. She is most happy outdoors, listening to live music, traveling, playing tennis, and/or drinking a quality IPA. 


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