Dinner Church

The final Sunday of each month, 5:30-7:30pm, join us at Tree Pittsburgh for a community meal, creative and inclusive worship, and communion.

helpful things to know... 

  1. We gather starting at 5:30 and ending at 7:30. Dinner is available starting at 5:30pm. The meal, conversation, and worship intermingle during the two hour timeframe. You’re welcome any time.

  2. We meet at Tree Pittsburgh in Upper Lawrenceville: 32 62nd St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

  3. We provide the main course and invite people to bring a side, drink, or dessert to share. We also welcome people to participate by helping to set up or clean up afterwards.

  4. Children are always welcome! During our time of reflection on Scripture and response (usually around 6:30pm), we provide childcare and activities in the same space where we meet until the end of the gathering.

Why a “dinner church?”

We believe the practice of eating together around the table is a way to proclaim the abundant hospitality of Jesus. Not only did Jesus gather around the table with his disciples, but he also ate with the spiritually curious, the skeptics, the religious elite, and the so called outcasts of society. He broke down social and religious barriers to affirm that all people are welcome at the table. We hope joining as a community around the table will be a source of nourishment and place of encouragement for people to then go out and seek the welfare of the communities and neighborhoods in which they live.