Praying with Our Feet: A Service of Lament and Sending

The evening before the March for Our Lives, Sanctuary gathered to ground ourselves in prayer as we engaged in protest, demonstration, and civic action to work toward less gun violence in our country. Linked is an outline of that service, including Scripture, liturgical prayers, and a blessing.

As we again mourn the school shooting in Texas today, as well as many incidents of gun violence since this service, we wanted to share this resource as a way to find grounding for the necessary work of challenging and changing our laws and culture surrounding guns.

Below is our lament from that service, which we invite you to pray with us. For the full service PDF, click here.


Litany of Lament

For all the lives touched and torn by violence,

Tonight we mourn.

For the fascination with guns and weapons that claim the lives of the undefended and vulnerable,

Tonight we mourn.

For the media that glorifies violence and trivializes human life,

Tonight we mourn.

For choosing individual rights over peace in our communities,

Tonight we mourn.

For the teachers and students experiencing trauma and living in fear,

Tonight we mourn.


Merciful God, who does not raise up the sword except to break the chains that bind us, draw near to us in our mourning and grant us wisdom, courage, and strength to march onward in our grief.


God of Remembrance,

Let us not forget those who have died.

God of the prophets,

Guide us to speak truth to the powerful.

God of deliverance,

Release us from the grip of violence and guns.

God of justice,

Empower us to change this broken world.

God of comfort,

Help us to create spaces of sanctuary and healing.

God of shalom,

Teach us to be instruments of your peace.