Four Readings for Christmas

According to Alexander Shaia--author, spiritual director, psychotherapist, and liturgist--the early Church read four gospel Scriptures that took them from sundown on Christmas Eve to noon on Christmas day. These readings walked early Christians through the journey from unknowing to hope to a deep, experiential knowing. Whether reality or legend, this practice is one that enriches our celebration of the Christmas season. Sanctuary invites you to join us in these readings and meditations.

There are two ways you may choose read these:

First reading- Sundown on Christmas Eve
Second reading- Late night on Christmas Eve
Third reading- Dawn on Christmas
Fourth reading- Noon on Christmas


First reading- day following the winter solstice, December 22nd
Second reading- December 23nd
Third reading- Christmas Eve
Fourth reading- Christmas Day

We will post one reading and meditation each day the 22nd-25th.