Creating sacred space through conversation

Many people are understandably skeptical of organized religion, yet we all need space to wrestle with questions of meaning, spirituality, and practice. We believe that joining spiritual practice and skepticism creates opportunities for genuine connection between one another and God. Faith and doubt are not opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Embracing both enables us to more truly come to know God, ourselves, and others.

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Our Neighborhood

Sanctuary considers the Lawrenceville neighborhood home. Though we meet in a variety of places in surrounding areas, our hearts-- and for many in the community homes, jobs, and spare time-- are in Lawrenceville.

Like any neighborhood, Lawrenceville is not a monolith. It is known for its small businesses, new and younger residents, and an influx of development over the past decade. But it also houses residents who have lived in the neighborhood all of their lives. As Lawrenceville works to be a neighborhood known for new development and affordable housing, responsible bars and community gardens, engaged citizens and neighborhood programs-- Sanctuary seeks to join in what God is up to in it all. And we look for ways to serve in the brokenness of addiction, blight, and growing pains the neighborhood experiences.

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